Financing Options For Your Kangen Water® Ionizer

There are several options when it comes to purchasing your Enagic "LeveLuk" Ionizer.

Payment In Full: Cash - Bank Transfer - Credit Card - Paypal: — Payment in full for your new LeveLuk Ionizer plus tax and shipping costs

Enagic Payment Program: — Enagic offers "EZ Qualifying" payment plans for each machine. All of these plans require an "Initial" payment which includes tax and delivery charges. There are several choices regarding how many payments or installments you would like to make which vary by the Ionizer Model. Select the "Link" to the right for more detailed information on these plans:

Alternative Financing: — Entire Cost of the Ionizer, Tax and Delivery Charges:$0 Out Of Pocket Expense ! Credit qualification is required and interest rates vary subject to credit rating. Home ownership not required. Minimum credit scores over 520 to qualify. Term length is variable upto 60 months based on scores.

Combination Financing Program: — Finance The "Initial Payment" With Alternative Financing & Select an "Enagic Payment Plan" For The Balance: -$0 Out Of Pocket Expense !


Finance Program Overview

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