Enagic Corporation Information & History

Enagic is a 33 year old privately held company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Operations began in 1974 with the research and development of a water treatment technology that today is used in over 100 hospitals and over 400,000 households in Japan. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Enagic handles every aspect of the business; from research and development; to manufacturing, sales, marketing, product service and warranty operations.

Enagic has been honored by numerous organizations and is endorsed by major medical associations and doctors in Japan. Two of the more notable honors are The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare officially approved the Enagic water products and technology based on its health merits alone. In fact, in Japan; the Leveluk SD501 by Enagic which creates Kangen Water is categorized as a "Medical Device".

In 2002, Enagic was awarded an honorable endorsement from the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult disease. This is considered a very special feat, because this non-profit association of independent doctors, which is also the biggest and the most respected of its kind in Japan, is known for its long and very thorough selection process. they only issue such endorsements for only one product (or product line) to the very best in any given category or industry. Enagic is the ONLY company in the water industry endorsed by this highly respected association.

Because of phenomenal growth and results, Enagic has offices all over the globe with continuous expansion under way. A very strong, well founded company whose main focus and intent is to grow and prosper through harmony and integrity.