Kangen Water Supply Information

KWS is an authorized and licensed retail and wholesale distributor of Ionizers, Custom Installation Hardware and Kangen Water Related Accessories including Water Storage Containers and Water Testing Equipment.

Like you at one point we were completely unaware of the potential positive effects of just changing the water we drink every day. An old friend mentioned Kangen Water during a conversation and once he discovered that we hadn’t heard of it he demanded that we try the water. For 2 weeks he brought us fresh water every 3 days. We drank it with its safe to say “a bit of skepticism” as to what just drinking water could do for us. Here’s the shocker!: It’s changed a half dozen minor – major ailments and daily annoyances for all 3 of us.

Flash Forward:

Today we host this site to help our new and old friends become acquainted with Kangen Water, the Technology involved and Health related information available in one simple location on the internet. This site is always expanding and is regularly updated to include any new findings and great deals on related products.

Please feel free to call us for any questions or just to share stories about the water.

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